Díaz Lewis is a collaborative duo comprised of Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera and Cara Megan Lewis. Together they create art to prompt social change. When After the couple initially  met in 2012, they worked across the divide between Cuba and the US. Now based in Los Angeles, their practice as artists and activists is fueled by deconstructing social processes and the symbols and politics behind them. In the selection of topics, such as rhetoric, immigration or property rights, they dissect relevant themes from two distinct, and often opposing angles. Recent exhibitions include “Home Land Security” For Site Foundation, San Francisco (2016); “Soul Asylum” Weinberg Newton Gallery, Chicago (2016); “A Dream Deferred” Aspect/Ratio, Chicago (2015); “Cul De Sac” Mission Gallery, Chicago (2015); and “The Other’s Voice” Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Chicago (2014). Díaz Lewis are represented by Aspect/Ratio Gallery, Chicago.

For The Other’s Voice, Diaz and Lewis reunited after 7 months apart; in fact Diaz arrived to the performance from the airport. Each occupying a facing windows of the gallery’s storefront space, Diaz and Lewis separately and simultaneously washed their respective flags until the colors faded. The action symbolically surrendered the geopolitical divide that had for long complicated their communication.

2014.rapidpulse.org performance photo by Kevin Sparrow