Eli Kabir works primarily in installation and performance. He has attended residencies at ACRE, Ox-Bow and the Salina Art Center. Kabir has a BS in Studio Arts from Skidmore College, NY and an MFA from the University of Kansas. He currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.

In the performance Borderline, Eli Kabir engages with privilege, power, authority, and the United States border. This work makes a connection between the politics of the regulation of the US border through changing administrations, and the symptomatically diagnosed mental illness, borderline personality disorder, which is summarized as: “a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by unstable relationships with other[s]… unstable sense of self, … an extreme fear of abandonment, frequent dangerous behavior, a feeling of emptiness, and self-harm. Symptoms may be brought on by seemingly normal events.”

2016.rapidpulse.org performance photo by Holly Arsenault