Join the Rapid Pulse team! Work with local and visiting performance artists and gain insight into their practices while learning a whole lot about the production, administration, and documentation of time-based art.

If you want to become involved, please fill out this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Q7aSyEGRBPPOL0yc2, or show up at the pre-production/orientation meeting at Defibrillator on Sunday, May 21 from 2-4pm. There will be food and drink.

Rapid Pulse Festival Dates are June 1-4, prep days May 15-30, and post production June 5-8. Some specific dates are listed in the form but the schedule will be refined based on your responses and the needs of the exhibiting artists.

We’re not gonna candy coat it – the festival can be intense at times – but the experience is rewarding on so many levels. We can’t offer stipends but we do provide meals and drinks. Friendships and connections abound…Oh, and we have a lot of fun between the chaos. We’d love to welcome you into our special micro-community to learn and laugh alongside us.

Embracing the theme: Retrospect, Rapid Pulse 2017 looks back at our first five editions by inviting alumni artists to present new works:

2012 | Industry of the Ordinary | Michael Thomas/Lucky Pierre
2013 | Fereshteh Toosi | Carlos Salazar Lermont
2014 | Alison Crocetta + Peter Reese | Diaz Lewis | Mikey McParlane + Erica Gressman
2015 | Ayana Evans
2016 | Eli K Gold

Rapid Pulse 2017 launches with a Vernissage on Thursday, June 1 at 7pm. In addition to live performances, each day  of Rapid Pulse includes a Video Program and STǓ, a curated late-night post-performance soup kitchen. Co-curators Giana Gambino and Joseph Ravens have kept the festival intimate in order to focus on the digital and physical archives from the first five editions of the festival. Rapid Pulse 2017 will debut prototypes for five catalogs, one for each edition, 2012-16. This retrospective concludes a series and marks the end of the festival in its current format. Following a hiatus, Rapid Pulse will return in new form to champion performance art.

Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival is curated by festival director, Joseph Ravens, and assistant director, Giana Gambino, along with support from Julie Laffin and Steven Bridges (Co-curators 2012-15). Rapid Pulse is produced by Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery a.k.a. DFBRL8R Ltd., a 501c3 organization dedicated to the creation and presentation of performance art. Fostering local talent while invigorating Chicago with artists of exceptional calibre from around the world, Defibrillator champions work that looks to the body in concert and conversation with time, object, space, architecture, and society.


DAY one PREP | MON 22 MAY | 10am-4pm | prep floor for painting
DAY two PREP | TUE 23 MAY | 10am-2pm | painting floor
DAY three PREP | SAT 27 MAY | 10am-4pm | general preparation
DAY four PREP | SUN 28 MAY | noon>4pm | general preparation
DAY five PREP | WED 31 MAY | noon-6pm | general preparation | last minute stuff


DAY 1 FEST | THU 01 JUNE | 3-10pm | set up and food prep
DAY 1 FEST | THU 01 JUNE | 6-11PM | hospitality and documentation
DAY 2 FEST | FRI 02 JUNE | 9am-4pm | install/setup/errands/document [shift 1]
DAY 2 FEST | FRI 02 JUNE | 3-11pm | document and hospitality [shift 2]
DAY 3 FEST | SAT 03 JUNE | 9am-4pm | install/setup/errands/document [shift 1]
DAY 3 FEST | SAT 03 JUNE | 3-11PM | document and hospitality [shift 2]
DAY 4 FEST | SUN 04 JUNE | 9am-4pm | install/setup/errands/document [shift 1]
DAY 4 FEST | SUN 04 JUNE | 3-11PM | document and hospitality [shift 2]


DAY one POST | MON 05 JUNE | 12-6pm | organize / clean up / returns
DAY two POST | TUES 06 JUNE |  3-6pm > organize and archive | 6-9pm > POST PARTY
> Additional days as needed thru JUN 08