31 Days of Windy Samhain Whispers

Samhain season in Chicago
The great pumpkin smiling during Samhain in Chicago
  1. Research Windy City Witches: Dive into the history of Chicago’s witchy past and how Samhain was celebrated in olden times.
  2. Chicago Skyline Altar: Assemble an altar inspired by Chicago’s skyline, using autumn embellishments like fallen leaves and pine cones.
  3. Reflect by the River: Spend an evening by the Chicago River, reflecting on the past year and your journey ahead.
  4. Lincoln Park Leaf Trail: Wander through Lincoln Park, collecting colorful leaves to create a unique autumn garland.
  5. Ancestor Stories: Share tales of your ancestors against the backdrop of Chicago’s historic architecture.
  6. Purge and Purify: Initiate an autumn cleanse, shedding old energies within the metaphorical ‘burning’ of Chicago’s Great Fire.
  7. Meditate Amidst Skyscrapers: Seek a quiet rooftop and meditate on the cycle of rebirth, amidst the towering skyscrapers.
  8. Wreath of the Windy City: Craft a wreath intertwined with elements representing Chicago’s vibrant culture and Samhain’s essence.
  9. Harvest Feast at Navy Pier: Relish a meal of pumpkin soup and apple tarts at a cozy eatery by Navy Pier.
  10. Fire Ceremony at Foster Beach: Conduct a fire ceremony by Lake Michigan, releasing the old, embracing new hopes.
  11. Graceland Cemetery Gratitude: Wander through Graceland Cemetery, paying homage to those before, amidst the whispers of ancient trees.
  12. Skydeck Solitude: View the city from the Skydeck, noting your blessings as you float above the bustling life below.
  13. Poetry at the Palmer House: Dive into eerie poetry in a quiet corner of the historic Palmer House.
  14. Divination Downtown: Explore tarot amidst the energy of downtown, seeking the whispers of the old in the heart of the new.
  15. Mask of the Magnificent Mile: Design a mask inspired by the buzz of the Magnificent Mile, embodying what you wish to unveil.
  16. Moon Gaze at Montrose Harbor: Under the Harvest Moon, reflect upon the mysteries of the season at Montrose Harbor.
  17. Bake Soul Cakes in a Brownstone: Within a charming Chicago brownstone, bake soul cakes to share with loved ones.
  18. Autumn Aromas in Andersonville: Wander through Andersonville, enjoying autumn scents from local boutiques.
  19. Artistic Aurora: Channel the aura of Samhain into creating a piece of art inspired by Chicago’s spirited neighborhoods.
  20. Silence in the Skyline: Amidst a rooftop garden, embrace silence, feel the pulse of the city as it merges with the ancient Samhain energy.
  21. Farmers’ Market Forage: Forage through a local farmers’ market, seeking the bounty of the harvest season.
  22. Herbal Haven: Craft sachets with herbs from a local apothecary, protecting your space as the veil thins.
  23. Storytelling at the St. Valentine’s Massacre Site: Share ghostly tales at one of Chicago’s most haunted spots.
  24. Pumpkin Parade in Pilsen: Carve pumpkins with intricate designs inspired by the vibrant murals in Pilsen.
  25. Shadow Work in Shambhala: Delve into shadow work at a serene Chicago meditation center, embracing the darker aspects of self.
  26. Samhain Symphony: Create a playlist blending eerie tunes with Chicago blues, capturing the essence of Samhain.
  27. Meditation by Millennium Park: Engage in a guided meditation by Millennium Park, connecting with ancestors amidst the echo of the city.
  28. Engage in Evanston: Attend a Samhain event in nearby Evanston, mingling with like-minded souls.
  29. Celtic Chronicles in Chicago: Explore Celtic lore through a Chicago lens, intertwining ancient tales with modern cityscapes.
  30. Silent Supper or Cocktail at a local Pop Up: Host a Dumb Supper or Fright night at the a local themed Pop Up.
  31. Ritual by the River: Conclude with a Samhain ritual by the Chicago River, bidding farewell to the past year as the city lights shimmer on the water.
Samhain season in the windy city of Chicago